Monday, June 29, 2009

Maximum Moose

This is your first peek at my newest project. In case you can't tell what it is, it's the 21-inch head of a moose - Maximillian Moose - aptly named because he will be 6 feet tall when done.

He and a couple of other woodland creatures (including a bear and a raccoon) will be hiding my stacking washer/dryer in the main floor powder room at the cottage. I was going to have something built to hide them, but then had this idea to hook something instead. The dimensions (2 feet x 6 feet) sort of called for a moose - what with all the sightings this summer. For sure, it was a sign!

As I transferred the pattern onto the backing, I had an inkling of just how big a project this was, but it was when I pulled my first few feet of outline loops that it really hit me! This thing is huge and is really going to take a lot of wool

Luckily, I have decided to do this in a primitive style - to go with all the folk art fish etc. in the room. I can use a multitude of browns in Max and I'm doing a log background to match the walls in there. I'm hoping for a primitive tremp l'oeil effect - that they are actually in the room with you. Should be lots of fun in there when it's done. A little (or should I say big) surprise when you first open the door, that's for sure.

But with gardening, weeding and feeding my flesh to the deer flies, I didn't get much hooking time this weekend and really don't think I'll be steaming ahead at my usual pace.

It's set up on the Cheticamp frame and I'll try to devote a few hours each weekend, so I will keep you posted on the Max progress.


Christine said...

What a great idea, Wendi!! I will be following your progress with great interest.


Julie said...


I can't wait to see what you do with Max. I bought the Cheticamp gears from Deanne but it took additional pictures to figure out how to make one!

We have deer flies too and they don't just take a nip, they take a huge bite out of you!

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