Thursday, June 11, 2009

My not-so-empty nest.

After getting used to the idea of having no kids at home, all of a sudden I have both of them back!!

My son is finished university and has taken a summer job to buy him time before looking for a "real" one. He has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up and I think he's a little shell shocked about the prospect of starting that journey. So, he's doing property maintenance for the summer. He's already buff and tan - but I think a little bored with the work.

My daughter, who is three years older than her brother and has been living away from home for a few years, is suddenly back - with her cat. The classic scenario of a relationship she was in not working out and needing a place to re-group until the dust settles, the lease is up on her apartment (at the end of the month) and her heart mends (I'm pretty sure not by the end of the month). Her 6-month old kitten Jasper is part of the deal.

So, we have gone from just Rick and myself to two grown kids, a lizard, four fish and a cat!!!! Yikes. There's too much of everyone's stuff everywhere and no place to put anything. There's too much laundry, too much food, too much volume for our tiny, perfect house. So, we have to accept our everything-in-its-place norm until these two sort out their situations.

I love them dearly. And I really hoped we weren't going to join the statistics of empty nesters with rebounding kids, but there you go. We are parents for life and we will do what we have to to help them along. And I guess this is just part of that deal.

I think I am beginning to believe that we may not be doing them any favours by giving them such a soft place to land. When we were their age, we certainly did not have the same options as they do - for a number of different reasons. (Don't I just sound like an old you-know-what when I say that.)

But I'm pining for my nest to be empty and organized again - soon. For their sakes and my own. And I'm glad I'm escaping to Trent next week where meals will be made for me and there aren't piles of laundry waiting to be done.

I'm sure the nest will be just fine without me - and vice versa.

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Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh, Wendie ~ I sympathize with you! It would be so hard ~ and you are right, as young people, we didn't have that option! And I think it's good that you are voicing that it's a challenge ~ that, and your week away will help a lot!!!

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