Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canada Day Projects

Yesterday was Canada Day. It was the first time I can remember it falling on a Wednesday versus being part of a long weekend spent at the cottage. But, because we stayed in the city, it turned into a day in which I got lots of projects done.

This was my first one. Organizing my wool on the new shelves I got for Mothers' Day - which meant rearranging the whole room in which I store it. Sorry the very fuzzy picture(taken with my Blackberry). These are the wire shelves that Cindi Gay raves about in "favourite studio equipment page" and since the price is right, and you can add to them indefinitely, they seemed like the perfect choice for me. I got them at Canadian Tire, since we don't have Target here - yet.

They were easy to assemble and once I took my wool out of all the various tubs and containers, and arranged it (loosely) by colour, it was the first time I was able to look at all my wool at once. I know compared to many (including Cindi Gay), this is a modest stash, but now that it's all out there, it seems pretty big to me. (My worms are all stored in see-through shoe boxes on a shelving unit in the laundry room, but someday, I'll add extra cubes to hold those as well. And I definitely count my worms as part of my stash - it's amazing how many times I go there first.)

Amazingly, the actual stash is pretty much as I remembered in my head. More than half is recycled and there are quite a few pieces from my dyeing experiments. I need to start adding by colour - definitely some yellows and greens. But now that I have the space to see everything, I'll make a list for myself.

The rest of my mid-week holiday was spent sewing drapes, helping unpack and hanging art at my daughter's new apartment: then preparing an appropriate Canada Day feast for the family - steak, potato salad and caesar salad - always a crowd pleaser.

Now that my wool is organized, I feel motivated to do the same with my desk and filing cabinet. I hope I get to both of those before next Canada Day (ha ha).

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Jennifer Manuell said...

gotta love being able to see all of your wool at once ;-) Congrats on your tidier space.

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