Monday, June 8, 2009

Countdown is on.

Now that the Annual is behind me, I am counting down to Trent. I will be teaching there next week - my first week-long gig. And trust me, the prep time is onorous at best.

As I keep remembering MORE things I have to pack, it reminds me of the friendship rug that Elaine and I hooked for Trent a few years back. Although I don't need to bring the drying rack, dyeing jars and hot plate this time, I have more than replaced those with things I do need. It's quite incredible how quickly the car fills up. I'm hoping there will be enough space left for me.

I have been in touch with most of my students since just after Christmas, which seemed so far away at the time. But the organizing and corresponding are pretty much done, so now I am just making lists and checking them thrice so I don't forget things.

My class is called "1-2 Hook a Few" and everyone will be making a few small things instead of starting another big project. It seems to appeal to the instant gratification in all of us, and I have 12 eager students.

Among the lists of little projects are belt buckles and pendants, for which I need hardware. I am anxiously awaiting one last shipment from the States and I sincerely hope it arrives this week. Otherwise, I may have to take apart my own buckles to donate the hardware. I'm crossing my appendages.

And, as luck would have it, work is crazier than ever. Which goes to show that Murphy is alive and well. Following months in which the pace was normal, we are now in high gear trying to meet an impossible deadline for a new client. And for me to get all the changes in hand on a presentation for another. It never fails!

So, today's task will be printing out all the handouts for the class and organizing them into file folders for each day. (Don't I just sound like a real teacher?)

Stay tuned.

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