Thursday, June 4, 2009

More amazing animals.

There are fewer days in the week than category winners, so I have decided to double up today.

This amazing Chimpanzee portrait was the winner in the fine cut category and you can definitely see why. It is an adaptation of a photograph and the detail here is extraodinary. I can't remember the name of the winner and will need to see if I can find it for you. But in the meantime, you can enjoy it.

The canoe crew was the winning entry in the wide cut category, and again, I cannot dispute the choice. This rug is so full of joy, it was a great crowd pleaser. All the details are incredible and come together nicely to create a timeless classic piece. The sky simply glowed in real life and I hope you can see that effect here. Again, I do not have the name of the hooker of this piece, although I did have the pleasure of sitting with her at dinner on Saturday night. I'll do a follow up post, when I find out all this information. Jennifer (FishEyeRugs) was much better at getting details than I was, but she didn't feature either of these in her posts.

I am sure there will be a feature on the winning entries on the OHCG website as well, so I will link you to that when it is done.

This year will be a tough act to follow, I'm sure. But I think I say that every year, and I am never disappointed with what I find each show.

Next year it will be in Coburg, so again, not too far to travel - at least for me.

I'd better get busy planning my entries. The theme will be "Hooked on the Waterfront", and I think I have an idea already....

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