Friday, May 12, 2017

Yikes, where have I been?

I can't believe I didn't do a single post last month, but I guess it is because I didn't have anything finished to share. Not that I haven't been busy with things - in fact, quite the opposite - but I like to have final projects to show when I post here.

That said, here is a list of projects that are under way:

Burp cloths.  I have gone into production in a big way on these things. When Jackson was born, my daughter said that the best thing she received were some burp cloths that were rectangles that just fit on the shoulder - versus receiving blankets that required folding and adjusting.

I found a pattern for a shaped burp cloth on line. Here is a picture.

So I went to the fabric store, selected four different gender-neutral flannels for the tops and big piece of white flannel for the backs. And I have cut out and am making 32 of these bad boys. They will be divided into four batches of 8 cloths, since there are four new babies on the horizon.

One of these will be a new granddaughter for Rick and I. A new baby sister for Jackson. Here is how they announced it:

Pretty cute, huh? And a good thing it is a girl, since that is what Big Bro said he wanted. lol.

On the knitting front, I am on the sleeves of this project - Laneway, from Ravelry

Mine is a darker grey sock wool with a variegated striping yarn for the stripes and I am nearly done one sleeve. It has been in and out of production and I got back to it when I got back from Barbados. But since warm weather is (supposedly) just around the corner, I have set it aside (again) to work on another project that may be more appropriate for the season.

Here is the new one, Dark and Stormy, also from Ravelry. Although this is a worsted weight cardigan, I think it will be a good "chilly nights" summer sweater and I really want to have it done to take to cottages and rug camp in Newfoundland.

On the hooking front, there are several things that have been keeping my hook busy. The first thing I started when I got back from Barbados is a show case for Trent this year, for a class that I hope to teach next June 2018. It involves finding a piece of clip art (royalty free) and coming up with many different ways to hook it. So far there are six versions - one left to hook, but I am hoping to do NINE, since it is a cat and I love the "nine lives" angle.

Here's a picture of the progress to date. So far I have hooked Primitive Cat, Proddy Cat, Applique Cat, Doodle Cat and Van Gogh Cat. The one unhooked on this panel will be Impressionistic Cat. And I do have ideas for the three to follow. Such fun coming up with the ideas. And for the class next year - if it is a go - there will be a lesson each day on a different style.

So, lots has been going on and the studio is humming. For that reason, I have been remiss here. Will try to update progress on a more regular basis. If you are reading this, thanks for hanging in with me.

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