Thursday, November 9, 2017

I LOVE my students!!!

The last few weeks have been a hooking teacher's dream. Following my weekend at OHCG school in Ancaster, I have been receiving pictures of progress in the school and this week, more pictures of finished bags.

Drumroll please, for these finished bags. I love how different they all are. And remember, there was no pattern and everyone was working with their worms stash - no cutter was present (someone needed one and had to go to another class). People used yarn, sari silk, velvet, wool strips - and there was lots of wonderful sharing going on among the students. Somehow, worms are free game when everyone has a giant rubbermaid tub of them on the table. lol. For the middle bag, Sandra dropped in a little pre-made cosmetic bag.

If you click on the images, you will see interesting embellishments like quillies and wool roses. I love the zipper pulls on the first two bags. The third one is a clutch style with a beautiful button that has great sentimental value.

If that wasn't fabulous enough, I am thrilled to have FOUR new rug hooking students here in Peterborough!!! They all contacted me within the last several weeks and after each had a one-on-one session to get them pulling loops, they are now a wonderful new group for a Wednesday night class in the studio.

They are each on their way with their very first projects. One is doing a Karla Gerard pattern for her daughter. Another is doing a "moose" pillow (we are obviously a match made in heaven). The third is doing a series of chair pads for her cottage - in polar fleece. And the newest person to join the group is doing a poppy rug that she will start next Wednesday.

So many opportunities for "lessons in the moment" and for them to learn from one another. They are all at the very beginning and can share their journey with someone at the same place. Lots of fun and they will be well into their projects before I desert them for sunnier shores.

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