Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hooking in Holetown

For the first time in our four trips here, this year I actually packed hooking supplies. I brought my small gripper frame, a small piece of backing and a bag of alternative fibers such as ribbon, panty hose, sari silk and a few other things hanging around the studio. I figured the small size and the lighter fabrics wouldn't be too hot to work with here.

Four days shy of our two week mark, we have run into a patch of rainy weather. Seems like the minute we head to the beach, down it comes: the minute we go back inside, out comes the sun.  So yesterday, after a few "ins and outs", I decided to pull out the hooking and sit at the table in our little covered area and pull some loops.

I packed mostly blues and greens to bring - either subconsciously knowing those were the colours of the sea - or just because I love the colours. And, inspired by the sea and the images around us here, I drew a spiral design on my backing. Is it the waves of the sea? Is it a chambered nautilus? I don't know.

Whatever it is, I  think it will be a purse front, since it is too small to make into much else. But I have been comforted by the loop pulling. And relieved that it is not too hot to do so. Hooking in Holetown is like Hooking in Heaven.

Here is what - and where - I am hooking.

The colours of the sea and the sun, in the shape of a nautilus.

Here are all my fibres and a peek at my Holetown hooking table. 

The chambered nautilus in its natural habitat - well, I guess palms are not its habitat.
When I was finished yesterday, I realized that this design looks suspiciously like Karen Kahle's spiral chair pads - in fact, I went to her blog to see. If she subconsciously inspired me, I thank her for it. But I do think it was more the shells and the sea and the brightly coloured fish that really got me going. And a couple of rainy days to make it happen.

But lest I despair about the rain, I think of the crazy weather back home - the -32 this week and the never-ending snow - and count my blessings. The people staying at our place are more than welcome to all that snow removal for a while. And I will gladly tolerate the rain. 

In hindsight, I wish that I had brought a bigger piece of backing and more material with me to make a bigger piece that would take a bit longer. But I am sure if I feel like doing more, I will be able to track down what I need. After all, I am NOT hooking with wool.

Friday, January 3, 2014

What a Happy Holiday it Was.

Jackson finally arrived and is the best holiday present you could ask for. He came right between Christmas and New Year's on the 28th. He weighed in at 7 lbs. 3 oz. and was 20" long.

And for his entire life, I am sure he will hear the story of "The Ice Storm" that I am convinced he decided to wait and miss. We had just settled into our "home away from home" at our friends Elaine and Harvey's house. On our second night, the power went out somewhere around 2 a.m. due to ice encrusted trees snapping in half and pulling down power lines. When we walked outside that morning, it was a mixture of sheer beauty (the ice on the trees) and devastation (thousands upon thousands of mature trees gone!).  Nearly the entire province of Ontario was affected and it is now clean up time, which is a huge job.

We were without power for 3 very cold days. for my darling daughter - already overdue and over anxious at this point - went into full melt down mode when they lost theirs for 4 days. But little Jackson waited out the storm, and once power was back on and their apartment toasty once more, he decided to arrive. We were luckier than many who were 10 days or longer without power, including Christmas Day.

Here is Jackson with his beautiful mom who can't believe he is hers.

Here he is with his proud Uncle Matt.

And his ecstatic Grandmoose and Grandpa.

He sure is a sweet little thing. Here he is all dressed up for his first doctor's appointment. Not sure we have any pictures of him where he isn't sleeping. But we all know that will change.

He has already wormed his way into everyone's hearts and I can see that 2014 will be a happier new year for all of us with him in it. We are so happy to have joined the Grandparents Club.

By the way, the Christmas tree hat in the last post didn't get used this year. But I think I will be able to add onto the bottom of it for next year, which will technically be "baby's first Christmas".

Health and happiness to all of you for 2014.

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