Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A bit of a dog and pony show.

Here are my two latest "Jeanius" bags that will both be wending their way to their new owners today.

I took both of these hooked fronts with me to Trent, thinking I would get them finished there. But my days were long and full and I really didn't have any time to get even the whipping and assembly done, so they got put together last night.

The dog bag is for my friend Linda in Fredericton. She is the Florence Nightengale who has been looking out for my brother Bill since his heart attack a while ago. "Breeze" is one of her golden retrievers, and I found out from my sister Nancy that she is the dog that Bill walked during his recovery. If that isn't kismet, I don't know what is. I hooked the bag using a picture from Linda's website, Ten Penny Kennels - I just really liked her face. I think I captured her likeness. I hope Linda thinks so too.

The horse bag was a commission for my friend Gaye (also from Fredericton), whom I have known since childhood. We grew up on horseback together, and Gaye still lives in the horse world, albeit here in Toronto at Woodbine Race Track. She sent me a clipping from a magazine to see if it would make a good bag design and I ended up finding the artist, Jennifer Mack, who painted the original work. I posted about her earlier (May 19th to be exact) and you horsey folks should all go and visit her website. Her paintings are incredible. I'll be sending Jennifer a copy of this picture today as well.

I really enjoy doing "custom" bags, since they have such an emotional connection to their owners. And they give me something new to try, which is always good. It's also good to have them done. I am sure that both new owners will show them off with great pride.

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