Saturday, May 7, 2016

Teaching Season Begins.

This week marks the beginning of teaching season for me, with a two-day wide cut Teacher Training class at Niagara College.

My bags aren't quite packed, but I have been amassing piles in the basement as I think of things and as you can see, it takes as much to teach for two days as it does for twenty-two. This does not include my hockey bag of rugs, my clothes and toiletries and my hooking project to work on. Yikes!

In June, I have my "Zen and the Art of Doodling" week at Trent and this will be the first time that I will not stay in residence, since I live in Peterborough. My husband is very happy about that decision - I will reserve judgment till it is over. But I have just finished a couple more samples for the class and will try to squeeze in one more if I can.

In July, I will return to Belleville for Loyalist College Rug Week, where I am teaching a "borders" class. The more I look into the entire subject of borders, the more I realize that pretty much anything goes and I am looking forward to getting people to stretch a bit when considering the possibilities for borders for their projects.

August is a big milestone birthday for me and my husband is treating me to Newfoundland Rug Camp - as a student, not a teacher. I have wanted to go for years and decided there are 65 good reasons to make this the year!! I am travelling with a friend from Peterborough and we are taking Doris Norman's Celtic class.

And in September, I will spend a weekend with my JJ Ruggers friends at Apps Ridge for another "doodling" weekend.

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