Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday at Trent

Well, I survived Day 1 - more than survived, I thrived!!

I have an amazing group of women who are all enthusiastic hookers from all around the Province. They are all well into their first "Jeanius Bags". In fact the first purse is done!!! Truth be told, Jill had the flap hooked when she arrived, but it turned out beautifully! A perfect example of how a simple design is so effective. A couple of other bags are just slightly behind her.

We have such variety among the bags - cats, stars, flowers, a robin, a native art symbol. They are all reflections of their makers. Colourful, vibrant and fun.

I'm sure our class will be the envy of the school when we have finished projects for show and tell on Thursday.

The days race by and there is real progress and satisfaction in each one.

I'm enjoying my first full week as a teacher - and I'm not fried yet. Mind you it's only Tuesday.

Check back Thursday for an update.


Julie said...

I am there in spirit.

Corner Brook

Jennifer Manuell said...

Glad to hear you're having a good time - I'm missing you on MSN... ;-)

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