Tuesday, June 5, 2018

When Inspiration Strikes.....

For more than a year, I have been pondering a hooked headboard for one of the guest rooms in our house. I've had lots of thoughts, but nothing drove me to dive in - until this morning.

Over coffee, an idea hit and I did a very quick sketch in a nearby notebook. I decided this was it, and went downstairs and quickly drew it onto a piece of backing I had previously gridded. It has different proportions from the sketch, but I like the flow.

I should also say that while I have been ruminating over this "headboard rug",  I have also amassed quite a stash of bulky yarn, since I decided that would feel better against your head than wool strips. And then a couple of weeks ago, I found this yarn at Michael's.

I loved the colour combination and there are all kinds of interesting textures in the ball. I figured it would be great for hooking and would be soft against your head, if you leaned against it.

While I was still feeing the inspiration, I got started. And within a short time, since the yarn is quite thick, I had three swirls hooked. And I am loving the look of it. I also think it will be interesting hooked in straight lines for the "wave".

I think I may move it onto my Cheticamp frame so that it is always out and ready for a few loops. As usual, I have many competing projects. But I think that this might go quickly if I just don't run out of enthusiasm.  The finished size will be 2 feet by 6 feet. And I guess when it is finished being a headboard, it can be used as a rug.

Speaking of finishing, I am just sewing tape on the back of the "8 little dresses" rug, so it will be done in time for the One Motif, Many Ways class at Trent on the 17th.  This really was a fun project, from inspiration to completion.

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