Another Awesome Annual

It's the Monday after the Annual, and my head is recovering from an overload of everything!

Too many amazing rugs to process. Too many reunions with friends I only see at hooking events. Too many new acquaintences swimming in my head whose names I hope I will remember when I seem them next. Too much bad conference centre food. Too many wonderful vendors to whom I gave too much money. And all in all too good a time to recount in one post. So I will try to do one every day this week. Some posts will feature other award-winning rugs. And some will just be rugs I like.

This photo is the rug that one first place in the Original Category and also the Rowan Award (which is our name for Viewers' Choice). Isn't it incredible!!!

It was hooked by Trish Johnson, an incredibly talented artist/hooker who belongs to both our Upper Toronto Branch and the Georgetown Branch of the OHCG. Not only is she one of the most creative designers I have ever met, her hooking is impeccable. Put those two things together and she is an awesome adversary in the original category.

Her rug was the first one that caught my eye on Friday when I arrived and I knew that poor Totem 40 was completely blown out of the water. But there is not a single spec of me that holds a grudge - just huge admiration for a talent that is so large the rest of us get left behind.

This rug is called "Memories of Oak Point", I think, and it's a historical piece based of photos of Trish's grandparents place in Oak Point. Not only are the photos incredibly well done (complete with those wonderful old-fashioned corners), but placing them on the map with the leaves scattered on top just makes it feel like a wonderful scrap book page. You can almost smell that newsprint smell that permeated your nostrils when you opened a scapbook to look through.

The detail in real life is unbelievable and I kept coming back to it over and over again all weekend to simply gaze at it. So did many other people.

Congratulations Trish. You continue to amaze me with your talent.


Trish Johnson said…
Wendie, you are so fast. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. One small correction, The house (top right hand side) was not really my grant parents house. My grandfather died in 1923and the house was built about 1930. I first visited my Great Aunt Betty there and later my Grandmother. I would like to write the story of the rug up for the OHCG newsletter. I thought your rug was a real contender. The light and shadow on your family's faces is perfect. You set yourself a difficult task and pulled it off.
Wendie ~ when I first looked at the picture, I thought it was four small rugs mounted on a map! Not until I finished reading your post, did I realize the entire piece was hooked! It is beautiful and sooo detailed ~ definitely a prize winner! I'm anxious to see the rest of your pix ~ I love reading about all the hook-ins ~ almost like being there but not quite!!
Katrina said…
Wasn't the show amazing! It was my first year going and, obviously lol, my first year putting anything in :)

I will definitely be going again next year. The winners definitely deserved their ribbons :)

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