Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well Deserved Beginner Award

Each year, the OHCG Annual judges two categories for beginners. One is a general category for all styles of rugs. The other is the Rittermere Hurst Field award for fine shading. Some years there are many entries. Other years, not so many. But this was a good year for entries. The display looked great. The caliber of the new hookers was very good. And this is the winner from the general category.

It is a Maud Lewis pattern, hooked by Jane Pilskalnietis. Jane is the daughter of Mary Anne P.(our or recently past President of the Upper Toronto Branch), so there may just be a genetic predisposition for her abilities.

I would also like to believe that Elaine and I played a small part in Jane's auspicious beginnings. Jane was one of our beginner students at Fairlawn Community Centre winter before last when we did a 4-week sampler workshop. She was a natural. Her extensive needlework experience probably gave her head start. She already was adept with the hook and her colour sense was intuitive.

From our little launch, Jane went on to have classes with Barb D'Arcy, who was her teacher on this endeavour. As one of Barb's proteges, I can assure you there is no better teacher to guide through the finer points of colour planning and all the little details that take a rug from good to great. And this is a true example of just how amazing Barb is.

Ironically, there were a couple of other versions of this rug on display at the show. And none held a candle to Jane's. It was definitely head and shoulders ahead of the others, because of all the details.

Congratulations to Jane on a rug well done. Rumour has it she is already well on her way to the next project.

No rest for the addicted. You go girl!!!


Sheri said...

Beautiful job for a pro, let alone a beginner! Must be in the genes.

Katrina said...

I thought the exact same things when I saw this rug :)

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