Monday, October 28, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Adorable.

Knitting and sewing continue to dominate my life.

The knitting is going well. Another sweater off the needles and perhaps my favourite in a long while.
I think it's the combination of the pattern and the yarn - simply the most comfy thing ever knit.  It is called "Relax" and I got the pattern from here.

 It is a lot of simple stockinette stitch - small needles, but moves quickly. I am about to do a second one for my son's girlfriend.

Some adorable projects are also off the needles. These are the gifts that are going to my very good friend's daughter who is expecting her second girl. These are all from the Monster Nursery Book I featured in my last post.

From left to right - a little monster, monster booties, and a monster hat. All sitting on a receiving blanket that still needs to be hemmed.  These little knits make you smile the whole way through, from cast on to cast off. And I think they will create the same effect at the other end.

There will be a "Big Sister" monster to share soon. Just one leg to go and then stuffing and putting on a face.

I also finished one sewing pattern that I will use as a cover up while south. It was from this book. In fact, it is the dress on the cover.

Here is my version, which is in a great batik fabric.

Mine ended up being sleeveless because the sleeves were TEENSY. Since everything else about the dress is perfect, I am not sure what happened. But it is probably better sleeveless anyway, or so I will convince myself.

Today's project is also not going swimmingly. This is the pattern - and the fabric. Doesn't look that hard, does it?

But it seems that the logic sphere of my brain is not as developed as the dreamy, creative side. I just can't seem to look at the pictures and figure out how to move the straps out of the way while assembling the bodice. So, even though I was sure I was doing what was in the step-by-step instructions,  I have been doing a lot of "ripping" and "growling".

Sort of feels like assembling Ikea furniture. You have to do it wrong to figure out how to do it right.
Trust me, it's much easier to "undo" hooking boo boo's than sewing ones.

Stay tuned. Hopefully, it will sort itself out - or be re-invented as another version of the pattern.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Loopless in Parry Sound

It has been ages since I have pulled a single loop. Well, except for the jewellery projects, which I guess technically have loops.

All these baby projects and other things have been getting in the way, I guess. Not that I am begrudging any of them. In fact, it's nice to have a slightly different focus for a while. And there are no deadline-driven hooked items on my list right now.

But last Thursday, as I scrambled to finish another Jennifer-inspired necklace to wear to my daughter's wedding service on Friday, I happened to look at my table and realized it looked scarily like the inside of my brain felt.

It made me laugh out loud, so I took a few pics with my phone

A good overview of project overload.
At this end, we have a felted sweater in progress.
Look, necklace stuff, knitting stuff but behold - a bit of empty table space left.
Bin of sari silk for the necklace - more on the floor behind.
Blue yarn bag on chair - because there's no room on the table.
What is that expression "If a cluttered desk is the sign of a busy mind, what is an empty desk a sign of?" I would really hate to see the inside of my mind......

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oh My, It's October

And it's been a fast start to this month.

The work truck has been parked on my desk for a few weeks - the paying stuff, that is.
The baby present production line is in full swing.

I finished the quilt on time - squeaked in under my "end of September" artificial deadline. And I am so happy with the results that there is already another floating around in my head. Here is a picture of the little quilt with the edging on. Amazing how that just really finished it off.

A also finished four receiving blankets in bright colours to go with the quilt.  I love how the flannel is so much cushier than the ready-made blankets. And the plan is to do a quilt out of the little scraps and another flannel to tie everything together.

A couple of simple little newborn sweaters are off the needles, one still needing the buttons on. The colours in this photo are really off. The front one is a nice teal and the back one is actually a greyish periwinkle colour, not pink.

The Caramel cardigan is finished - just darning in the last of the ends. Will see if daughter would like it for a maternity sweater through till little Jackson arrives. But I have a feeling it is more my taste than hers, and she says that her pregnancy furnace is working overtime and she is always warm, so it may not work. (This is the designer's version - not the one I did - will post a picture later)

And in between all of this, I made this little critter for a friend's son. His name is Kwazii and he is an Octonaut. I had never heard of them before, but jokingly said when I saw them that I bet there was a knitting pattern for them. There wasn't but there was a crochet one, and though I am not great with a crochet pattern, here he is. I made one little 4 year old boy very happy.

And just to make sure there are lots more projects for the needles, I have fallen in love with this book and virtually everything inside it.

I have been a big fan of the designer for some time, and this book is just the cutest. There will be booties and hats and blankets, oh my. Good thing there are three little ones in the making, so I can do lots and lots without looking completely crazy.

There might just be a monster rug waiting in the wings too - you just never know.

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