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When Inspiration Strikes.....

For more than a year, I have been pondering a hooked headboard for one of the guest rooms in our house. I've had lots of thoughts, but nothing drove me to dive in - until this morning.

Over coffee, an idea hit and I did a very quick sketch in a nearby notebook. I decided this was it, and went downstairs and quickly drew it onto a piece of backing I had previously gridded. It has different proportions from the sketch, but I like the flow.

I should also say that while I have been ruminating over this "headboard rug",  I have also amassed quite a stash of bulky yarn, since I decided that would feel better against your head than wool strips. And then a couple of weeks ago, I found this yarn at Michael's.

I loved the colour combination and there are all kinds of interesting textures in the ball. I figured it would be great for hooking and would be soft against your head, if you leaned against it.

While I was still feeing the inspiration, I got started. And within a short …

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