Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spectacular Sunset

Today seems like the perfect day to share this special photo-to-mat rug. The snow is falling outside my window and although it looks beautiful, it gets old very quickly LOL. I think it's an age thing - I loved the snow when I was younger.

This little mat was hooked by one of my students as a gift for a friend. Apparently, the reaction was stupendous. Why am I not surprised? Look at that sunset!!! And she found a perfect spot dye to re-create it. By moving the yellow areas on a diagonal, she was also able to create the movement that was in the sky in the photo.

Although Kathy found the class to be a bit of a challenge, she persevered. She is very pleased with the result. The recipient is ecstatic and Kathy will keep going on these little mats.

Bravo Kathy!!!

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