Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Bragging Rights

The best thing about being a teacher is the students! And I'm not sure who is more proud when they finish a project - them or me.

Today I am lucky enough to have three finished projects that I can share. The first is the finished dirt bike mat from the class on the weekend. According to the creator, her son and husband were thrilled and didn't even want it whipped - just turned under and hung - which it now, proudly, is. This is the picture she sent to me of the rug, in position.

The next rug still needs to be whipped, but you have to know that more than the top third of the rug was hooked in the 24 hours since end of class yesterday - and it is NOT a small rug. This creator says there is nothing like a rainy day to spur along the hooking, but I think she is simply "rabid". She has only been hooking since August 10th - had never pulled a loop before - and this is her third project!!!!! It is positively luminous and her confidence grows with each mat. (I think I spy a star ornament in the lower left hand corner - I'm sure she couldn't contain herself.)

And the third mat has been placed in a frame - a recycled window which the creator lovingly stripped and refinished to create this warm and wonderful surround for her project. This log cabin masterpiece was her first experience with textures and with applique, which she used for the moon and stars. It took her outside her comfort zone, but I think she will quickly become comfortable in this new zone and many more to come.

Yes, indeedy, the very best thing about teaching is DEFINITELY the students!!!!!!!

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