Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bragging about Brit

My new friend Brit, one of my students at OHCG School, sent me a picture of her sunflower mat finished. She was pretty close when we left, but it is now done and beautifully whipped.  See how she changed colour from green to grey/blue to match the hooking. It looks great!

I didn't even get time to post about it when two more emails arrived the next day with other projects she had just completed. The first was this amazing quilted poppy wall hanging.

And right behind it came this hooked poppy hanging. It's always amazing to see how different the subject matter can look in a different medium, even if it is another textile. Mind you, it helps that the creator is a very talented, multi-faceted textile artist.

While I am sharing Brit's talent with you, here is a pieced project that she shared with the class while we were at school. Can't wait to see it totally finished. The batiks in here are incredible. And just look at that eye!!!

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