Monday, November 26, 2012

One Swan, Two Masterpieces

Over the years, I have met many new rug hookers who have found their way to rug hooking through another medium. Some are knitters. Some are painters. Many are multi-faceted artists.

The featured student today is one of those multi-talented individuals. She was part of my photo-to-mat class at Ancaster and she did an amazing job with her photo of a swan. The swan is hooked in yarn and the background is hooked in textured wools. The frame is from a plaid wool and it really sets it off. She calls it "table art" which I think is a great expression.

Right after she finished her class with me, she joined a group of 10 other artists for a painting workshop. She ended up doing a painting of the same photograph. Talk about being steeped in a subject matter for the two workshops. It was definitely her impressionist period LOL.

What an amazing experience to be able to exercise both sides of that creative spirit in a back-to-back situation. And even more amazing to have this much talent in both!!

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Orange Sink said...

What a great inspiration this talented artist is! I love it when the energy from another medium is portrayed in another art piece! "Table Art"..... awesome! Wouldn't it be fun to do a show devoted to "Table Art"!
Thanks Wendie for this post!
Cathy G

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