Monday, December 3, 2012

Note to Self: Start Decorating

I promised I would have my December Santa up at the beginning of December. Ok, so technically I was not here for the 1st and 2nd, so today I will finish him and get him into position. But then that means I have to un-box all the other decorations that go with him and deal with them too. A slippery slope to be sure. One I relish every December.

I do have some great new ornaments that were hooked at Ornament Day here in the studio on November 25th. It was a fun day with bagged lunches and lots of chatter, which is what it is all about.
I cut out a bunch of templates from little foam sheets so that everyone could choose the ones they wanted to do and put a selection on a piece of backing and start hooking.

My ornaments all got hooked that day, and the edges glued; but they still need to be cut out and finished. Then I have to decide who gets what. The only one spoken for is the yellow curling rock, which will go to our friends Brian and Jo. Brian only likes to curl with yellow rocks and is very superstitious about it. He will love this little keepsake. (I realized at curling last week that technically, my greys are backwards on the rocks, but I don't think he will mind.)

Speaking of ornaments, I received this book in the mail a while ago to look over and mention on the blog "if I wanted to". Well, after last year's wonderful knit your own dog, and my own discovery of Knit Your Own Royal Wedding (by this same author), these books continue to tickle my funny bone and make me enjoy my knitting like an amusement ride.

The author is Fiona Gable and she has many of these delightful project books. I think we must be joined at the sense of humour. The photography and instructions in the book are whimsical and informative and you could definitely whip these things up in a jiffy if, unlike me, you didn't already have 4,000 Christmas projects on your plate.

I think that I will save these as a 2013 project and create a wonderful garland with all of them. I was going to try to whip up a few of them as ornaments, but I think the full impact would be better felt if they were all featured. Such fun!!!!

So, I will leave this post and go and finish the edges on December Santa, so that the first hurdle of my Start Decorating is behind me. It really is fun to pull everything out and place it where it belongs - you just have to "get started".

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