Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two More to Share

One of the very best things about being a teacher is seeing the finished results from your students. It shows that not only did they enjoy your time together, but that they were motivated to finish.

Over the weekend, I received two more wonderful pieces from my group in Campbellford. They are both fantastic and each person said they were going to continue on with a second photo-to-mat project. I truly believe this becomes quite addictive - in a good way.

This first one is a gift for the niece who is pictured in the mat. I feel pretty sure she will be blown away by it. Ann's picture actually included the photo.

The second finished mat came on its own. Here is the original photo.  Jill incorporated a real piece of string into the mat. Such fun.

Both of these little mats truly capture the essence of the images. This second one is also a gift.  And the first of many to come, I hope.

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elizabethmartel said...

Wendie I don't have your email address, and I have a pile of questions for you...would you mind sending it to me ?

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