Monday, October 29, 2012

School's Out

What a wonderful weekend in Ancaster at the OHCG School. This was my third time teaching there, and once again it was my "favourite". I had an incredible class of very keen students and they made me extremely proud at "show and tell" yesterday.

The subject was "Photo to Mat, as Easy as That", and they really rose to the challenge. As you will see, the subject matter in the photos was as varied as the attendees and I think that kind of variety makes it much more interesting for everyone. And it certainly provides the teacher with lots of little lessons along the way.

There were many lessons about little shortcuts using the computer and although some were far less tech savvy than others, they all appreciated the demonstrations and will practice at home - or not.

Here is the class picture and a few of the mats-in-progress with their photos. (Someone was not at  the group picture - I just noticed - and I didn't get her mat-with-photo shot, so I am showing both at the bottom - sorry Gail).

There will be more details soon on the OHCG website  - from all the classes.

My wonderful class with their projects in progress - one missing.
This swan is hooked in yarn - the background in wonderful textures.
Beautiful mountains coming to life with glorious colours.
A vintage car with a vintage grandma being hooked in lovely sepia tones.
An incredible sunset cruise - look at that sky!
A close up on a happy sunflower against a stone wall with a collar of foliage.
Sorry for the bad "gymnasium" lighting -  this cardinal is incredible!
Another sunflower, this time against an incredible blue sky.
A wonderful shot of a competitive dirt biker - incredibly finished in 3 days!!

A special house - winter shot, summer hooking.
A wonderful backyard oasis - sorry for the flash on the photo.
The missing shot and mat-in-progress. Well under way.
Now that I am done bragging, it's time to put the studio back together again.

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