Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Back

That's what we did this weekend - we set the clocks back one hour. I have never really understood the point of this, since your body totally knows that the new 7 is the old 8, etc. But I think it was originally done for the farmers - for the growing season. And I guess that's good reason.

All I know is that I think I would personally rather get up in the dark and keep that extra hour of daylight at the end of the day. When it gets dark at 5:30 - man, that's a bummer! But at least in semi-retirement, I don't have to drive home from work in the dark.

This weekend, I realized that this action coincides with lots of other things that I personally "fall back" into. Things that are triggered by that alarm on the calendar that are not activities that I would do in the regular spring/summer clock cycle.

One is knitting socks. I don't wear wool socks in the summer, so I don't think about them. But all of a sudden "sock season" is here and I get the urge to make more.

And the good news for this sock season is that I have so much left over sock yarn (after those baby blankets), I can do lots of LOS's - left over socks. I did one this weekend - the one on the right - for Rick. (sorry the colour is so off) I love doing them in the car because it is so rewarding to watch them progress - you have at least one sock at the end of any lengthy trip - and when you live here, just about any trip is lengthy. Rick LOVES home made socks too, which is a bonus. So he can have all the boy colours.

Speaking of the baby blankets, here is Abby modelling hers and her little hat. Her mom says it's her favourite LOL. (I think I will benefit from more of these "future socks" than Rick, since they are kind of girl colours.)

The other thing I am happy to say I have fallen back into is my rug hooking. Partly from necessity, as I attended a Teachers' Branch meeting on Saturday and we had a mini workshop on teaching how to hook fruit with dip dyes. While the iron was still hot, I sat down and started my pear yesterday afternoon. It felt good to be back. (I may share a pic later, depending on the results, though I am not a big fruit fan - hooked that is.)

I am sure that the upcoming trip to the Round Barn show in Vermont will continue to inspire me to get back on the frame too. I am very excited and hope this great weather holds for the trip - both ways. (I will be doing more LOS knitting on that trip too - in 16+ hours of driving, I should be able to generate a drawer full.)


Kim said...

I was happy to get up this morning with some daylight. (Not a morning person so getting up in the dark was not my thing). Love your socks. I have tried and tried but knitting socks aren't my thing either :)

ArtyMarti said...

I totally agree with you regarding this time thing. We in Arizona don't mess with our clocks. Baby in blanket is so cute.

Enjoyed your blog, drop by for a visit.

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