Monday, October 31, 2011

A Hit and Miss Week

I'm sure it is the pattern of my life, but this past week was particularly good at reminding me that every project will not be a resounding success. LOL It was peppered with small victories and small disappointments.

On the "success" side of the roster, I finished a sweater and knit a very quick eternity scarf - making up my own pattern by combining a few. Here's the picture of the sweater from Ravelry. I also did a grey one, similar to this colour. It was one of the most boring knits ever - 60" of k1p1, followed by ribbing for the ruffle - 300 stitches for the first section - 600 for the second!!! But the fit is great and it's very cozy.

The eternity scarf is from some "upcycled" wool from a vest I haven't worn in ages. Not sure what I will do with the rest of the yarn, but the eternity scarf is great. I wore it yesterday, doubled, with a short-sleeved T and I was toasty without being too hot - a regular challenge lately. I combined a couple of patterns to get this interesting stitch. I haven't blocked it yet, but when I do, I am sure the lace will open up more and make it even airier.

In the middle between the hits and misses, I did some dyeing for a Teachers' Branch workshop next weekend. I am not a prolific dyer, so the results are often surprising. And since I didn't have real formulas, the element of surprise was even greater.

We are doing an apple and pear with dip dye instead of value swatches. All I can say about this is my apple will be a Royal Gala (my favourite) and the pear is definitely a Bartlett (in a colour I have never seen) LOL. (That little bite out of the end of the pear wool didn't deter me from using it for this project. After all, it's just a little pear. Waste not, want not.

On the definite "miss" side was my little treat that I made to take to a party on Saturday. I hate it when things don't turn out like in the picture, which should never come as a surprise after all this time. It was a fun recipe to make, but the results.....a little scary, so suitable for Hallowe'en. How cute are these? (This is not my picture - I didn't take one, mine were so bad.)  I couldn't find coloured melting chocolate and in hindsight I didn't have enough, so mine were like melting ghosts, very scary, but delicious all the same. So I guess that isn't a total miss.

The other frustrating miss - or partial miss - was winding a ball of beautiful Madeline Tosh Light Merino yarn. Or should I say part of it. I don't own a Swift, though I do have a ball winder (the Swift is definitely going on my Christmas list). I was going great guns till about half way through the very large skein and hit a definite speed bump. What a tangled mess!!!! So I started a ball from the other end, hoping to meet in the middle. Instead, I got this.

I will save this and see if I have enough with what I wound for the project - if not - on a calm day, a little tangle therapy.

But the kicker to the entire week was just before dinner last night when I realized I may have inadvertently screwed up my trip to the Round Barn in Vermont!!! Week before last, Rick and I applied for passport renewals for our trip to Barbados in February. We wanted it done before the Christmas rush, so decided to get it done early. I TOTALLY FORGOT I WOULD NEED IT FOR VERMONT next Thursday! Processing time is 20 days before mailing - according to the website. Which could mean I am completely SOL to get it back in time. Yikes - what was I thinking?  The answer - I wasn't!!

I filled out an online status update form this morning and I will go and be charming at the local Service Canada office and see if there is anything that can be done. Fingers crossed I get it in time to go. Cuz I guess there is no other I.D. that is acceptable anymore. Gone are the days when a Drivers License did the trick.

I wonder if sobbing at the office will help......


Orange Sink said...

Wendie! LOVE LOVE your sweater and scarf! I am so envious of you girls that do such lovely knitting! Maybe after this craft show...... which btw thank-you for your kind comments and I only wish I could sell out in an hour! LOL! I would go home and sleep!! :-))
I think your Halloween treats looked very creative and that's the "scary" part of that whole "trick". At least we are creating knowing once in awhile ( in my case anyway) that something turns out good! LOL!
Hope your passport situation has a good creative outcome!!
Happy Halloween!!
Cathy G

Jul'ya said...

A friend of mine used to work at the passport office. If you have proof you'll be travelling, they'll put a rush on it without a big fuss. (You may have to pay extra, though.)
Hope it works out!

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