A Dog Day of Winter.

That's what today was. A snow filled day with a little bit of dog in it.

Majorly winter - from the moment I woke up this morning till the sun went down. Here's the proof.

It all looked so much more beautiful when the sun came out around 2 this afternoon.

So after rearranging the snow in the driveway with Rick,  I came down to the studio and assembled the pooch. Lots more smiling to myself as he started to emerge.

Tough to get a picture of his cute little push face, but he definitely is a cutie pie!! A little fiddly in the construction, but worth the effort. I'm not even a pug lover, but I think his new owner will adore him.

And as I finished the last of the stitching and the picture taking, here's what I saw out the window.

Yeah, I know. It's always beautiful the FIRST day.....


Orange Sink said…
Didn't he turn out CUTE!! I hope Lauren at Pugs and Rugs Blog sees him!
Your scenery is beautiful! We have only a flake or two here in the air today! It's lovely to see in your photos but I am enjoying not to have to deal with the stuff' LOL!
Cathy G

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