I'm knitting a what??????

A pug.

Yup. A tiny little pug from this book. When I first picked the book up in the store, I'm sure I chuckled out loud. And the merriment hasn't stopped yet. I highly recommend both it and Knit Your Own Royal Family - if you are so inclined.

The knitting was very quick. Yes, there are a lot of pieces, but they are small, so the sewing won't be like assembling a sweater. (When I blocked the pieces this morning, all of them fit easily under the width of a tea towel, which gives you some idea of scale.)

The finished pooch is only supposed to be about 4.5 inches high by 6 inches long, so not a lot of stuffing required.

Since my offspring really want a dog, I am giving them each one!!! Maybe this will hold them off from pressing us to get one LOL. Stay tuned for a finished pug and a "silver lab" (who knew there were silvers - but two people mentioned them last week, including my son).


ArtyMarti said…
You are just too funny. Let me know how the knit pooches go instead of a real dog. LOL

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