Another Rug Commentary from Vermont

Here are a few more rugs that I took pictures of. Each one has a reason why - over and above being fantastic.

I loved the textures in this one. So much interesting movement, yet they are not in conflict.

This was a beautiful wedding rug. On its own it is lovely, but the little outlines of the cups and coffee and tea pots around the outside was that special little extra that really did it for me.

This was another rug by the woman who did the large one with the fox and the owl and the tree (in my first post from Vermont). I'm pretty sure they are punched with wool and this one had a title about "a Lobster in my Garden", which appealed to my Maritime sensibility. Plus it's absolutely fantastic. (Sorry for the dark top, but it was in the lower gallery and in a dark corner.)

This one was from a previous year's Viewers' Choice. I have never seen such perfect lettering. I think this may have been in Rug Hooking Magazine (as have many of the rugs that were there).

This was just a fabulous piece, with so much interesting texture going on. And the colours - and the finishing - amazing!

And today's final four - what a collection. A farmer in the four seasons with his corn. The main images in each one are so appropriate for the season, but the borders have their own stories to tell. Such a creative endeavour. Ya gotta love the winter one!

Just a few left that I will share later. As you can see, I have divided them among several posts.


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