Monday, November 28, 2011

Vermont is Becoming a Memory

Well, you do hear that time passes more quickly as you age, but man, I can't believe my trip was two weeks ago already. And I haven't even shared all my pictures yet.

Here are the rest that I took of mats I particularly liked - well, not the last, but I'm saving a few for a different kind of post later.

These are grouped together, since many of them appear to have come from photos and others look as if they did.

This panel of crows was very tall - nearly 5 feet and I thought the detail was amazing. The moonlight on the crows and the branches was incredible.

The foliage and the borders on this one were really well done.

I loved everything about this one!

You could disappear into those eyes. What a beautiful monochromatic study.

and speaking of monochromatic - I think this was called Aries.

Just a segment of this rug. The blue vein in the feathers ties it all together.

This is a c/u of the rug below. The dark lines make it look like an underpainting.

The palette and hooking style make this rug look really old, I think.

Incredible shading in the pine cones and the spruce and birds and I love the little movement in the background.

Another one that called to me from across the room. It is hooked very fine - almost looks like yarn.

The colours in the snow - the swirls in the shrubbery and the pulled up collar - I can feel the cold.

Doesn't that sweet pooch just stand out against that background? Love that birch too.

Ok, so I fell for the tilted head on the pup - along with everything else in the rug. The daisies echo the innocence.

 I thought the background in this bluebells piece made it look like a snow globe.
Truly inspirational, each and every one, wouldn't you agree?


Marzipan Road said...

Wendie- I'm thrilled to see that my piece "Girl with a Yellow Bucket" was one of your favourites. And yes, the entire piece was hooked with yarn! :)

Orange Sink said...

What a fabulous collection of rugs! The Aries just blows me away!!!! To be able to hook light and get that spectacular glow in a rug would be so awesome!
I guess I need to grow beyond hooking the primitive rugs but love those too!!
Thanks for such great inspiration!
Cathy G

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I love the Aries rug ~ that great red flowing hair ~ truly done by an artist!

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