Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hooked on Whimsy

I promised to share some more pics and indeed I will. I just popped over to Jenn's blog and she has lots of pics today. Again, it is interesting to see what pictures everyone took. My friend Loretta is also posting pics on her blog and they are different again.

Anyway, the pics that I am going to show today are a few of the rugs that made me smile. I think that is always a good thing. Any kind of emotion, from awestruck to a tickled funnybone is a great experience.

Here is one I particularly liked, for the the thinking, the hooking and the smiling it caused.

Here is another one that definitely had me chuckling. Sorry the pictures aren't great - it didn't show up too well against the pale wall, but the caption was "Follow Your Heart", which this little fellow is doing.

He's pretty darn adorable, isn't he? (Don't know why I have decided it's a boy pig....) I love that his little legs are covered in the same plaid as the hooking.

There were lots of Bev Conway rugs that had been hooked by Bev and many others. Bev was one of the featured artists and her body of work was amazing.

This is one of my favourites of her designs, full and a close up.

Another person who hooked this rug changed the "he" to "she", which I think I would do if I ordered the pattern. This is definitely a saying I would like to have hanging on my wall.

Here is another of her pattern that someone else hooked and personalized.  I had to take a close up of the rolled down stocking. Love the proddy hair and there were earrings and a real hook.

Here are some of Bev's stair riser patterns that were on display in her feature area.  I have 8 of them, waiting to be hooked: all log-cabin-appropriate critters - and I am now motivated to get going.

One of my favourite things about Bev's display was that several rugs were hung so you could see what she does on the BACK. There was some kind of message - or saying - usually pretty witty and very appropriate to the rug or the occasion. I'm not sure if she does it on every rug, but what a great thing to do. I thought I had taken a picture, but guess I didn't. I will see if either of my traveling companions did.

In a binder next to her display, she briefly described her process. Apparently, she reverses the lettering, which she hooks first - in very low loops on the back. Then, when she hooks the front design, the higher loops hide the lettering on the front.

Many of the words were very funny - all were witty and meaningful, and I only wished I could have been there Tuesday when she was scheduled to talk about it.

The last thing I learned about Bev (since she was another "legend" I got to see in the flesh) is that she has totally captured herself in caricature and she is the star in many of her mat designs.

More rugs to share tomorrow.

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Fiddlehead Finery/ DeEtta Gilland said...

Had a great time Wendy and putting another workshop together for Oct. Make sure you send a picture of the finished or as it is now in pdf and I will post it on this months blog. p.s by the way the upside down beaver looks like he is at rest after a long day of chomping!

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