Monday, December 5, 2011

New Dog. New Tricks.

Well, doggie number 2 is done. And he was quite a bit trickier than his pug sibling. First of all, the yarn that was the right colour for a silver lab - see below - was hard to find. The research I did into the Silver Lab was extremely controversial! Man, the dog people can sure get their knickers in a twist!

how cute is this little fellow?
The yarn I found was quite a bit thicker, so up a needle size or two and the knitting was tighter. Assembly was more difficult - wire in the legs - and the longer legs made balance an issue. (At one point I skewered the poor thing with double-pointed needles to get the legs lined up.)

I'm awfully glad I didn't do him first. But I am happy with the end result and amazed at how much expression is built into the patterns. Because he is looking up, it was a bit difficult to get a shot of him.

This fellow is about 8" long (not counting his tail) and about 10" high at the tip of his nose. I'm glad there are no more dogs on the Christmas list, but I'm pretty sure I'll be back to do a few more in the future. And for anyone who has the urge, the directions are fantastic in the book and do yield great results.

Now on to the tacky sweaters for the office party......

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