Some Big Numbers Need Big Gifts

Yesterday was Rick and my "30th" Anniversary!! It seems nearly impossible to believe that this many celebrations have gone by, but I guess having two kids - 28 and 25 on Thursday -  is proof that the number is what it is.

Since another bigger number is just around the corner, my husband decided to get me a genuine stand up paddle board, instead of the "jiggly giggly" dead windsurfer that has been substituting till now. And he decided to get it far enough ahead so that I could enjoy it - good thinking.

Instead of sharing a picture of me on "Peter Pan" (the actual name on the paddle board), here is a picture of Laura. You can just imagine me 32 years older and several pounds heavier LOL.

The irony of the name of the board is that I was named Wendie after Wendy in Peter Pan, and now many many many years later, of all the boards in the world, we end up with Peter Pan. I think that is kismet for sure.

If you aren't familiar with this new sport, it is catching on like wild fire. Boards are becoming difficult to find and the marina where we bought PP had sold out two orders - we got the last one this size - and weren't getting any more this year.

Using your balance to stay on the board, you paddle on either side of the board, changing sides every three or four strokes. This board is 10'4" long and as you can see, shaped like a surfboard, with a scooped front. In places where there is surf, they paddle out to the waves and surf back in. There is some kind of clip that attaches the paddle to the board while you ride the wave. (That will never be an issue here on Salmon Lake.)

It is one heck of a work out - for all parts of the body. My arms have never been so toned from the paddling and every muscle in the core and lower body is engaged - to keep from falling off. But I am totally in love with it. I think I have been on for at least an hour every day since we brought it home.

Yesterday, to celebrate the big 3-0, I paddled to the end of the lake, which is about 4 km return trip. That was my longest trek thus far. The only parts of me that were really feeling it were my feet - from gripping.  Our lake is the perfect size and calmness to make this fun (you can see how still the water is in front of Laura).

Laura is a bit of a gym junkie and she said that it's a really good workout - even for her. So that makes me feel good in so many ways. Fun and fit - a good combo for all the big numbers.


Jen Manuell said…
Peter I come! :-D
Orange Sink said…
Congrats on the 30 years! And congrats for going for the gold on PP!!
Cathy G

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