Monday, August 8, 2011

All Done But the Blocking

Here is a picture of the Bulky Baby Blanket finished.  I took some other pictures, but the colour was awful on the iphone camera. This is a much better representation of the apple green and robin's egg blue. I love the combination and they are favourites of the mom-to-be. As a shower gift, I gave her some receiving blankets with these colours as well.

I love how the mitred edging finishes the blanket, but I will really have to do some blocking when I wash it. The sides are a little "ruffly" and no amount of adjusting seemed to help. I was tempted to take it all out and start again, but then hit my self over the head to remind me that it's a "baby" blanket. I doubt the baby will care that it may not be completely flat.

Berrocco has a really cute free sweater pattern on their website that I might just do to go with it. I think it would be adorable in these same colours. Here's the pattern:

I have the time. And I think these colours will work equally as well for a boy or girl baby.  And baby sweaters go sooooo quickly.

This baby is due mid-September and the next one isn't due till October. So if everyone stays on track, I can too LOL.


debra said...

oh, I love making things for babies! The sweater would look adorable in the robin's egg blue an apple green--two of my favorite color combinations also.

Marion said...

Hi Wendie,

I love the blanket and checked out Purl Bee- great website. I agree on the cost of the wool- what did you select instead?


Wendie Scott Davis said...

Since I don't have the greatest selection of yarns here in town and I couldn't find the colours I wanted, I actually got both at Wal-Mart. I doubled the chunky to make the super chunky and I double the worsted for the border. Alas, when I went back to see if there was more for the sweater, it was all gone. :-(

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