Another Majestic Moose

Well, the 60th celebrations keep on going. Yesterday, we had a delicious brunch at my sister's cottage with Nancy and Bill and my niece Meredith and her hubby Eli. And a new moose was added to the family.

Meet Manfred. He is a metal moose, crafted by an artist in Elora and a gift from my Nancy and Bill.
Isn't he handsome!

Since he can be outdoors, after I took this picture of him, I wandered around with him, looking for the perfect spot. Somewhere where he would have a great view and we would have a great view of him. And I found it.

Near the lower deck, there is a flat rock that has been waiting for him for centuries. Till now, it has basically been collecting water and pine needles and has been a place that needs to be cleaned out all the time to avoid becoming mosquito heaven. It is perfectly flat and gives him a great view of the water. And since he is not far from the walkway down to the water, he is easy to spot from just about everywhere.

Turns out that Nancy already had another gift for me when she found Manfred. In fact, she had knit me a vest! (Or as she will tell it, she had knit herself a vest, which I promptly declared I HAD to have.) A beautiful lace vest that will be fantastic for the cooler days ahead. It is a perfect denim blue colour that will go with everything I own. I tried to take a picture of me wearing it, but to no avail.

To give you an idea of what it looks like on, here's a picture from the pattern displays on Ravelry. It's great for over a cami in the summer, but perfect over a long-sleeved t when things cool down.

This was definitely the birthday of gifts "made from the heart". I love things made for me more than any other gift, so this birthday was extra special. If Elaine will give me permission to show her creation, I will get a picture to share with you. It's a prototype of a scarf she would like to make and sell, so I don't want to give anything away. But I can tell you it is black and white and gorgeous. And the day she gave it to me, I happened to be wearing a black and white striped t that went with it perfectly.

Jennifer's gifts were themed to "birds of a feather", since we seem to be in synch on just about everything. She gave me a beautiful feather charm for my Pandora necklace and a handmade "Bookhou" feather pouch for my hooks.

So far I'd say that 60 is pretty darn fantastic, wouldn't you?


Happy Belated Birthday...
6-0 who knew??? not me!

love the new moose...
it's official, I have moose envy now!
Orange Sink said…
Wow! You made out like a bandit for your birthday! Love Manfred and I think he found a perfect spot to hang out!
The sweater vest is wonderful and wish your photo of yourself would have turned out!
Thank-you for the link to Bookhau! What neat things!
I'm glad you are still celebrating the 60! In a couple of years I'll join you!!
Cathy G

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