Welcome Loretta and Hooked On The Lake

I got an email yesterday from my friend Loretta, telling me that she has a new blog. Since I was in the Big Smoke yesterday, I waited until I was back to take a look. It is great! Her blog is Hooked On The Lake.

This is Mr. Wieeeener, one of your many playful patterns.

Her lake is near Westport, Ontario, north of Kingston and both her lake and her "hottage"(technical term for home that was previously a cottage) are incredible.  I was there a couple of years ago for a workshop weekend with Bea Grant. It was awesome!

At the time, Loretta was not yet there full time, but was commuting from Montreal with her husband Gord. Now she is living there and enjoying every single day. Like me, she relishes simple things like having coffee on the deck every morning.

Loretta's blog is on wordpress and she has mutliple pages and an online store as well as a blog. It's more like a website. She is one of the best primitive pattern designers and hookers that I know and she is already sharing dye recipes.

Go and see for yourself how incredible it is.

Welcome Loretta. I'll be following along for sure.


Orange Sink said…
It's about time we get to see a photo of you!! LOL!
What a great blog she has! Thank-you for posting about it.......
p.s. Our hubbies are the same when it comes to changing the furniture or changes to the house! LOL! I blame it on his Norwegian ancestry ..... and I think maybe my dogs are Norwegian now too! LOL!
Always love your comments!
Cathy G

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