Baby Blanket Back Up

Here is the baby blanket that I am close to finishing for my next baby gift, due in September. Isn't this the cutest picture ever??? (The blanket does not come with the baby - you have to provide your own LOL)

The pattern is available for free on Purl Bee and it is incredibly quick to knit. The yarn that is specified in the pattern was a little too rich for my liking, so I substituted and got the gauge required. I am making mine a little longer - this one is square - because I had the yarn.

I love the mitred border, which is knit double-stranded in a contrasting colour and looks like the edging on a real blanket. And if you pay attention to the directions, it is easy to do also. After I finished my increases, I realized that I had increased only half of what I was supposed to - luckily I noticed the (8 increased stitches) before I got completely done - actually I noticed it on the (8 decreased stitches) which shows how far into it I was.

Hence the title for this post. A big back up was required. And when you are holding a gazillion stitches, with markers, on a humungous circular needle, the backing up is slow going. At least for me it was, because I did it row by row, so as not to lose the markers.

It's funny that we all think we can read - for the most part. And as a veteran knitter, I think I can read a pattern - I have even trained myself to read through from start to finish before I begin, because I have been caught too many times by that crazy "at the same time" stuff. This should have been a cake walk - I was just not paying attention. But I am back on track again.

The other thing that this blanket taught me is to knit with it sitting on a table or counter in front of me - to keep the weight off in the hot weather. And to knit early in the morning or late at night.

Anyway, I am back to knitting again and should have a picture to share in a day or so.


debra said…
Darling blanket and darling baby! I've been doing some lace knitting this year and I'm getting it, but it is a challenge. All those increases and decreases! Hope to see the finished blanket soon.

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