Knitting Begets Punching

Punchneedle hooking that is.

I am well into my second zig-zag baby blanket and over the long weekend was bitten by the urge to transpose the zig-zag pattern to a purse. Since I already a Bala bag (Jenn's pattern) on backing, I simply needed to create a grid and away I went.

So here is the begetter.

Wow, it looks really red in this picture, when in fact it is more like a raspberry pink.

And here is the begettee (I don't think either of those are words).

Everything is just yarns from my stash, but the colours are driven by a pair of turquoise leather handles.
And this much progress took only a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. We had a quiet weekend and such a smelly upstairs (staining the beams and logs in the great room), so I hid out in the studio and got lots done.

I also finished my beautiful Alga sweater. Here is a picture of it on the floor. I'll see if I can convince Rick to take one of it one me when I get it blocked.

If you look closely at the left side, you'll see the pleats.
The little pleating detail doesn't show up as well on mine as it did on the orange one I showed a few posts ago, but I love the denim colourway of the delicious Madeline Tosh light merino wool. It will be fabulous with jeans, don't you think? And it may just be cool enough to wear it today.


LOVE the colours in the BABY Blanket !Purse should be fabulous!PLease post photo when done!

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