A Test Hanging.

Well, Max and the gang are hemmed, pressed and – because I was so curious to see them “in situ” - hanging.

Rick thinks it closes in the room, but I for one would rather look at this crew than the stark shiny white side of a washer dryer.

This is not the right solution, but I thought I’d try what I had, which was a magnetic curtain rod. But to hold, I had to put it on top of the machines, which makes it too short. So a Plan B is definitely required.

I think Plan B involves 4 magnetic strips – one at the top and bottom of each machine. And channels on the back to thread them through. I had heard that magnets on appliances were a “no no” but after investigation, the only negatives I found were re computers and cell phones – nothing on appliances, and many have magnetic hinges, etc. I’m assuming this will be fine.

Stay tuned for progress on that front.

In the meantime, I spent the rest of yesterday afternoon (after some very fast x-country skiing in the –18) cleaning out the studio. Organizing small bits of wool and worms and stacks of bigger wool.

Since my plastic boxes of “worms” are already full, I organized the small bits by colour as well and will cut them as my stocks deplete. This system seems to work and is certainly better than things hiding in my grocery bin from No Frills.  (Look at that nice sunshine on the wool wall.)

And guess what showed up as well – the log wool that I was pretty sure I hadn’t used up last time. Oh well, now I have lots. Now if only my memory had shown up in one of those hiding places……


LOVE IT!!!!!! A great cover-up!!
Susan S said…
greetings from Venice Florida. Not cold here although a touch rainy (tough eh?!). I love your piece over the washer and dryer and I think it really adds to the room. I like the ideas of the magnets and am anxious to see how it works out as that would solve a lot of problems. Found a hooking group here which is great. cheers.
Hey Susan, I'm jealous of the Florida. But another gorgeous, sunny albeit frigid day today. Nice view from the inside though. Glad you found a group.

Gayle said…
Sure looks great hanging there! I'm glad you found the missing wool - of COURSE it was after the fact! LOL Your tidy work area looks inspiring!
Katrina said…
I don't think it closes the room in at all! It is now the feature of the room and it is wonderful! Well done and I love the wood wool too.

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