Friday, January 7, 2011

The Log Dye Recipe.

After yesterday's post, Gayle left a comment asking if I would consider sharing the "log" dye recipe. 

I'm delighted by the request (since I am not a veteran dyer) and will gladly do so. Here are pictures of the wool, some hooked log area on the mat and a picture of the actual logs that inspired the whole thing.

The formula is based on Wanda Kerr's "wandering" method - where each of the dye colours is added in sequence to the pot, as each is absorbed. One stir after the addition of each colour and the wool is left to float with the dye wandering about. That is why you get a kind of softly mottled look - not as strong as a spot dye, but some interesting stronger areas of colour.

I called my formula Golden Log Brown and it is based on Wanda's Caramel Latte using Majic Carpet dyes. I added 2/32 of chocolate brown to her formula, which was much lighter.

2/32 tsp orange
1/32 tsp yellow
1/32 tsp blue
2/32 tsp orange

plus 2/32 tsp chocolate brown

I tried to locate which issue of Rug Hooking Magazine had the article on her wandering method, but couldn't find it in the article index on the website or in the 15 hard copies I flipped through.

I mixed each of the dye quantities in 1 CBW before adding them. I added the vinegar with the last colour and let the wool cool on the stove.

Hopefully, that's enough information if you want to give it a try.


Gayle said...

Awesome Wendie - Thanks so much for the recipe - you really have captured the look of the log cabin walls perfectly with your dyeing!

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Thanks Gayle. Happy to share. I am so close to the finish line now that I can't wait to see it in the room.

Rainbows in Wool said...

I was reading your post on the wool for the wood. You gave your recipe and method but you don't mention how much wool you dyed. I think I would like to attempt your recipe but don't know how much wool I could maybe dye. thanks. wendy

Wendie Scott Davis said...

In case anyone else was wondering quantity of wool, sorry I forgot to mention that. I used 1/2 yard - the third time, I tossed in pieces that I figured equalled 1/2 yard. And it still was good with the other pieces.

Helen said...

This is a great colour Wendie - I'll try it this weekend.
Does anyone have a recipe for a warm goldie/rust?

Helen said...

Thanks for this recipe Wendie - I'll try it this weekend - it looks great.

Does anyone have a recipe for a warm golden/rust????

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