Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bear Feet.

I am making good on my promise to finish Max before starting something new. And, as I often said to my kids when they were embarking on something or other "the best way to proceed is to just put one foot in front of the other".

Following my own advice, I decided to do the animal feet first and save the logs for last. And "ta da" the bear paw and a half are done!!!

But getting back into this giant work has refreshed my memory about what I won't do again in the future. Kind of reverse New Year's Resolutions:

  • I won't work on anything this large. I spent nearly a whole day moving back and forth between my sit'em and the Cheticamp trying to figure out what was easier. I think the sit'em is winning.
  • I won't hook on the diagonal - when I started the bear, I thought that hooking his fur on the diagonal gave an interesting texture. It's just very tough to do.
  • I won't put a project away without putting away the wool strips that go with it - I have a feeling I've been pinching from this stash and may just find myself short on the log wool - but the good news is that I found where I put the formula if I need to dye more
And I guess the biggest won't - -  I won't sail merrily into a project without quite figuring out the mechanics at the end. I sure hope I can come up with some kind of easy, magnetic solution to affix this to the side of the washer/dryer. If not, I am already scouring for alternate locations for this 12 square foot monster.


Kim said...

I can relate to all your reverse resolutions. But the rug is looking great. Keep going - you are so close!

Orange Sink said...

The size of your rug is amazing! I know I don't have the patience to ever tackle one that big! But what a statement when they are done! It is an awesome looking rug! Hook on! You are so close!
Those reverse resolutions are very good tips even for smaller rugs......
Cathy G

Julie said...

Love the resolutions Wendi! The project is gorgeous and am just wondering where it is going to end up? Would be great to see the completed project in "its" home!

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