Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hoofing it.

Yesterday I finished Max's lower leg and hoof and although his fetlock joint is a little strange (I may add another strip to the inside), I was pleased to be done.

I was also keen to get logging in some "log time", when I realized that my suspicions were correct. I couldn't find even a single worm of my log wool. Does that mean I used it all and that is why I stopped when I did? Who knows - my memory is one of the things that got left behind in 2010 - but it did mean a trip to the dye pot last nite.

It was fun getting back in there, especially since I had found the "recipe" for log walls. Now I'm sure I have enough to hook the entire cottage.

BTW, those original paws and feet you see drawn on the pattern are yet another illustration of my problems with math. If I stayed with the original length, their feet would have tucked under the machines. (But maybe that would have helped with the hanging solution LOL)

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Gayle said...

Lovin' it - any way you can share your recipe for the log walls?