Sunday, January 23, 2011

Earth Magnets Here I Come.

More trial and error with Max and the gang this week. I scoured the buzzing metropolis of Parry Sound looking for magnet strips and settled on some that I found at the fabric store.

I figured is I basted on horizontal strips of them - lots of them - that might do the trick. NOT. I haven't weighed Max and the gang, but those little strips couldn't even hold up the chipmunk.
So, online to Lee Valley this week to order the earth magnets.

In the meantime, spurred on by another art bra image received from one of the gals (can't show it yet, because it's not quite done), I designed a little mat to go on display with the bras at the Annual.

Here's the pattern

And here's the little bit that I got started on this weekend. A problem with the lettering resulted in a colour change and I'm still not sure that I'm happy. But, I'll keep going for a bit and see how I feel once I get more background done.

Since my second "penny" bra didn't work out, this is my make up project, which I probably would have realized I needed to do anyway.

Off to a good start, I think. But miles to go still and many projects on the horizon. However, this one is for the greatest cause.

Update on the fundraising - they have raised $525,000 to date, with just $100,000 to go - isn't that incredible. I think this little mat will stay in the unit with the machine when all is said and done.

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Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

It looks great ~ I love the colors and the sentiment behind it! You're something, Miss Wendie!!

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