Friday, July 17, 2009

Rainy with a bit of hooking.

Jennifer just sent me this joke:
Q: What do you get after 2 days of rain?
A: Monday
Lately, that seems to be the case - and we used to joke that Toronto summers (and maybe all of Ontario) were famous for that.

I must confess that OCCASIONALLY (note the caps), I like to have a rainy weekend at the cottage, since I can do two things. Catch up on some zzzz's - there's nothing better than lying in bed listening to the rain; and catch up on some projects without feeling like I am missing the day outside.

In an email this week to a friend, I counted off the number of projects that I have currently on the go, and must confess to scaring myself. Even for me, this is a little overwhelming. Mind you, each project has a specific location - i.e. car or cottage or home - so they never overlap (or rarely ever). The other good thing is that none of the current ones have a definite deadline. That may, in fact, be a bad thing....hmmm.

However, if we do get rain this weekend, Maximilian will make some progress for sure. And since I didn't touch him last weekend, that would be great. He is such a big project, I'd like to keep it moving.

Anyway, regardless of the weather, my weekends at the cottage are always a wonderful respite from my weekdays in the city. Everything is different there - and mostly better. I will enjoy all the minutes and they will go by too quickly.

Luckily, this weekend the only company we are having is/are our kids. And they definitely don't need to be entertained. Fed, yes. But entertained, no.

So let's hope that Jennifer's joke isn't completely true. But a little bit would be good for me.

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