Monday, July 20, 2009

Veggies for Max

Well, the weather may not have been rainy, but it threatened to do so the entire weekend - that is until we started cleaning at 4:00 yesterday. Then, of course, the sun came shining through. So Jenn's Friday joke is still somewhat relevant, especially since today is sunny and gorgeous - both here and in Parry Sound.

However, since both kids were with us, our days were full of activities and good food. My daughter is an amazingly good influence on me, so we had two long speed walks, followed yesterday by a long paddle boat ride and a quick and furious double kayak workout. Upper, lower, all parts of the body well employed - surprisingly, today I am not sore, so I must be in better shape than I thought.

We finally replaced our 18 year old paddle boat with a new one. You would think that because it is smaller and lighter it would go faster, but alas the opposite is true. My theory is that it sits lower in the water, thereby increasing the resistance on the paddles. Whatever the real aerodynamic cause, it's a much harder workout to go around the island. But on the sunny side (no pun intended), this one steers. The old paddle boat only turned in one direction and then only if it felt like it, which made for interesting outings.

As to hooking time, there wasn't a lot, but I did manage to grab a couple of hours here and there. Enough to get a good start on Max's antlers and try a little bit of the log background complete with a knot. The secret to a piece this large is to move around - give yourself some variety. Maybe that's the secret to every piece....

But when I went to take a picture with my Blackberry, the low battery signal was flashing and my charger was at home in Toronto. And when I asked Laura if she could take a couple of pics, her memory was full on hers. Ahhh, technology when it's not working is a frustrating thing, isn't it?

So, today's pic is the veggie rug which has come out of the UFO pile and is back on the frame at home. The second carrot is finished, along with the second cob of corn. Still a long way to go, but like an Oriental, one of everything is done now, so it's just a matter of following the other vegetables. Easy, mindless hooking, which is a great thing for night hooking.

I will take some Max pictures next weekend and will hopefully get a bit more done. I realized yesterday that the visible area in my Cheticamp frame is the same size as, if not larger than, many entire rugs I have done before. This is a BIG project indeed!

Maybe Max shouldn't eat any of these veggies. The last thing I want him to do is get bigger. LOL.

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