Friday, July 31, 2009

And the Jeanius just keeps spreading....

This morning I received an email and this photo from another Trent student - who made the bag with the stars while in class but then went ahead and made the "mini" companion on her own.

This student was the newest hooker in the group and took to it like a fish to water. Not only was she a natural in the mechanics of hooking, she took to the addictive qualities as well - colour, texture, dreams of all the projects that lay ahead - all of it!!

And the fact that she would create a second bag within a few weeks of completing her first school experience is awesome.

We are hoping to hook up in the fall when our weekly classes resume, which suits me just fine. She would be a perfect addition to our class, and we would be lucky to have her.

Way to go, Becky!!

For those of you reading this - I am heading up to the cottage for vacation - 2 glorious weeks. Although I have some internet access there, it is dial up and very slow, so not sure when I will get a chance to post. I do have to come back to the city for a wedding next weekend, so may just update things then. If not, I will have lots to tell when I get back. TTYL

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