Monday, July 6, 2009

Max and the Nightshirt

I have many moose things that people have given me over the years. In fact, I've had to curtail moose gift giving as I am running out of room for any more. But one thing that I love are the moose night shirts I have received over the years. On Friday night, I hauled out an old favourite and had a eureka moment. This particular shirt has a moose with only one antler and the caption is "Is that your final antler?" ha ha ha.

But when I looked at the face on this moose, I realized that poor Max was looking more like a horse than a moose, so some changes were in order. In fact, I spent most of my Max time ripping and re-drawing with green marker. I think I replaced all the undoing, so I don't feel like I went totally backwards.

This is a picture of Max with a new lease on life. He now has an eye and a nostril drawn in - neither of which were in the original plan. I think he is looking quite stately, and I like that he is watching me as I hook him. The weather was so amazing yesterday that I actually carried my big Cheticamp frame upstairs and out onto the deck. It was wonderful to hook outside. Very peaceful listening to the birds and the water. I think he enjoyed it too.

This morning, as I looked at this picture I took on the trusty Blackberry, I noticed my foot at the bottom of the picture. I decided that rather than cropping it out, I'd leave it in for scale. See, I told you this was a big piece!

We're having company next weekend, so I'm not sure how much I will get done. Max is just too big to tote back and forth to the city, so progress is a bit slow. I'm secretly hoping for some rainy days on our holidays so that I can get a big chunk of hooking time.

If Mother Nature falls for reverse psychology, by saying that the first two weeks of August will be gorgeous! If not, we may have typhoon season like last year....stay tuned.

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Corinne Burke said...

your toes really do help with the scale of the rug's size, I have famour toes also, I remember selling my first item on ebay and the customer noticed my toes, I was so embrassed.

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