Monday, March 30, 2009

Prep Time

This weekend was a mish mash of prep time projects. This image shows three patterns and the wool to hook them, which I prepared partly on Saturday and partly on Sunday.

My pal Elaine and I are starting a new teaching stint in her fabulous new basement studio on Thursday night and I have a couple of new hookers who each needed a pattern. So, I got those ready and did a colour plan and cut everything and put them into these neat little cases from the Dollarama.

The third box is a little name sign for a friend who just built his new dream home in Haliburton. I have been following the trials and tribulations of the journey, and acting a bit as a buffer - since our renovation experience is still a bit fresh in my mind. (It does take a long time to recover, you know.)

I also trimmed Totem 40 to get it ready for the 3rd and final whipping, and I serged a couple of other pieces of rug warp to get them ready for patterns.

At the end of all this prep, my little hooking room looked like a torpedo had been fired into it. I guess I had opened every case looking for wool and came to the realization that my filing system for wool needed a complete overhaul. So, I refiled everything in what I hope is a more intuitive fashion. And then went on to file all my "worms".

So prep and post-prep time ended up taking most of the weekend, leaving very little time for hooking. However, on the sunny side of this, my wool is now better organized - the big pieces, the small pieces, and the worms. And my little space is tidier than when I started.

Plus, I'm ready for my new students on Thursday and it's not even Wednesday night yet.

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