Friday, April 3, 2009

The "first loop" thrill.

Last night, my pal Elaine and I started a 6-week class in her wonderful new studio space. We had a small group at a beautiful large table in a brightly lit room that felt cozy and comfortable.

In our group we had one completely new hooker, one who has just started recently and two who are within their first couple of years and projects. Putting together an outline for the 6 weeks meant finding something worthwhile for all levels, and last night it was about tools of the trade. Lots of tricks and tips, and certainly everyone benefited.

But, at the end of the night, I was reminded once again of that thrill of starting something completely new. In this case, that pulling of the very first loop - the first strip - the first row. It took me back to the wonder I felt at the beginning. How amazing it all seemed to be able to pull wool through holes and create hooked things. I think we can hook merrily along and forget that feeling.

It's quite incredible how contagious that feeling is and how great it makes you feel as a teacher that you had any part in the discovery. For that student, there will never be a 'first loop' again. And you were there to share it with them.

That's pretty awesome, for sure!!!


Julie said...

Wish I lived closer as I would love to be in your class.

Green with envy in Corner Brook!

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Me too Julie. I'd love to have you - I know you'd bring a spark to the room.


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