Inspired Progress

In my typical ADD fashion, I have spent my week flitting from project to project - variety truly is the spice of my life.

In doing so, I have completed the background behind the lettering of this wonderful Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern. Earlier in the week, I cropped my likeness to use as a new icon photo on The Welcome Mat. Of course my trusty friend Jennifer Manuell noticed right away and asked to see the rest of the progress - so here it is.

The blue in the background is a wonderful colour which, in fact, Jennifer gave to me. I thought I had plenty of it - famous last words. Not by a long shot. So, I ended up mixing in some ribbon yarn and regular yarn which has given it some interesting texture. The thing about doing a background behind lettering is that you can't create too much texture, or you start to jeopardize the legibility of the words. I think this strikes a balance.

I hooked a bit more last night on the left frame border, which will be quickly finished. I am really liking the colours in this mat. They are as inspiring as the words and quite a bit brighter than my usual palette.

The last big decision will be what to put in the bottom of the pattern - what will be the image in the rug being hooked? Rather than hooking the Deanne houses that are in the pattern, I have decided to put in something that is more personal to me.

Stay tuned to see updates and the final decision about the mat.


Julie said…
Hi Wendi

I wondered how the progress was going on that mat. Now, I know and it is lovely.

Beautiful job!
Sheri said…
Wendie, It's wonderful!!! I love her. And the colors...well they're "my" colors too.
p.s. I personally think our ADD keeps our personalities lively!?!?!?
You have even 'dressed' yourself in one of your cute sweaters!! I love it!!

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