Triple Cord Whipping - part 1

Although I'm wayyyy too busy at work to be doing this, my brain is scrambled and I need a little break. I have come to the realization that my brain is a better "sprinter" than it is a "marathoner" so a long, never-ending writing project is far more taxing than 5 shorter ones.

I decided I would sprint over and post this first step of my latest venture - triple cord whipping my Totem 40 rug.

It is unusual for me to have the patience to take on this much whipping, but I really feel the end will justify the means and after working this long on hooking it, I want the finishing to be worthy. Since the rug is approximately 28 x 40, it means that I will be whipping that distance three times - that's a lot of inches.

So the picture above shows the first cord whipped. It is sort of the normal cord, about the same diameter as my baby finger. The second one shows the second cording - much fatter - lying next to the first. It is now basted into position and ready to go. Both of these whippings were done by placing the cording on TOP of the backing, which was new to me.

The most important thing is to get it straight because if it isn't, the wonkiness (and that's the technical term) will become more exaggerated with each additional cord whipping.

Since I have now received my samples from Briggs & Little and placed my order for the contrasting brown for the fat cord, I am ready to go around the second time. I left the rug up north and we may not go this weekend because the forecast isn't great, so I may have to wait another week to start.

The third whipping will be on the same size cording as the first one. And the same colour wool. But it will be either a roll forward or a roll back - what I generally do on all my rugs. I am hoping the effect of all the whipping will look like a moulded wooden frame - apart from the rounded cordners that is.

I'm also hoping that a good sturdy binding will help keep it from buckling too much when it is hanging.

Stay tuned.

I will take more pictures as progress warrants.


Julie said…
What an excellent idea for your finish! I am learning so much and can't wait to see next part.
Hey Julie,

Thanks for your comment. I can't wait to see the next part either - let's hope it turns out as well as it looks in my head!


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